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Last Fling Before the Ring

People truly feel that they are absolutely single before the wedding ring becomes part of their ring finger. Doesn’t matter if they have been in a long term relationship for 3 years, if the wedding ring is not officially on they think they have some kind of loop hole. That is where the phrase The Last Fling Before The Ring tends to happen right before marriage. There is a huge discussion if this method of thinking is correct or not. Have you put much thought into this?

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Is it wise for a man or woman to indulge in sexual activities with someone else the night before they get married? Or do you totally think it is wrong? Once you are in a serious relationship then you are definitely in a faithful relationship and for that there is no reason to have The Last Fling Before The Ring kind of view. For men and women that do have this way of thinking you should let your partner know this about you, so there is no surprises right before the wedding. Good luck to you all for the decisions you make in regards to this issue.

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